2016-01-28 Chines Traditional

Chines Traditional

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2 thoughts on “Chines Traditional

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  2. Rivalry Unites or Masterpiece sequel to your “dollar trilogy” movie review.

    Western. Continuation from the’dollar trilogy’of your famous Italian director Sergio Leone while using brutal Clint Eastwood. I looked over this picture after the first, which could not impress me much, but this part corrected many shortcomings. I think about this picture a masterpiece, not only in the genre of’spaghetti westerns ‘, but will also of the genre of’westerns ‘, to find out a rather massive difference between them. For now, we have found my brief opinion – a beautiful continuation. I cannot speak about the minuses, since I haven’t found any. I’m going to talk about the technical part by the end, but for now I’m going to discuss the memorable moments.
    I watched that movie on putlocker tv
    So, here they may be:

    1. History – the film tells about two’bounty hunters’who would like to destroy a gang led by the notorious killer and scumbag Indio, that is scared of the main district. A large simple story, but numerous interesting details are stuck upon it that catch the soul on the viewer , nor leave him indifferent. The partnership of the’hunters’alone is worth it. Their irony, their rivalry, their partnership – this must remain visible with your personal eyes. And although I’ve got watched this picture regarding green dozen times, learning the script inside and outside – every time my heart rejoices at the view of this masterpiece!

    2. Music – if in the earliest picture Ennio Morricone only experimented, then here he found’his sound ‘, which conveyed the spirit in this western. The title theme has been around in my music folder for some time time. It’s this melody that perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the image – sharp, irrevocable and dynamic. I sincerely thank Ennio Morricone for that work done!

    3. The melody of time – if the title theme reflected the essence of the photo, next the melody of time reflects the inner playing field of the main villain, because for some this melody separated life from death. Personally, I think it is the best composition in the picture. Company, I also get it inside my music folder!

    4. Shootings and duels – if in the 1st picture it looked cheap and was rather a disadvantage of the photo, then here the relationship is the opposite. The blood already appears like blood, not like tomato juice. You don’t see any computer graphics, and that it was foolish to trust in them. And also you be getting the real pleasure from duels. You literally glance at the tension around you. We know the creators have clearly done anything about the bugs!

    A little about the primary characters:

    1. The nameless shooter played by Clint Eastwood is usually a’bounty hunter’looking with the Indio gang, encountering a colleague as you go along on the way. Silent, fast, with a kind of irony, shooting without getting a miss, the hero inside of a brown hat and precisely the same poncho, whose role is superbly played by Clint Eastwood. Hats off Clint!

    2. Douglas Mortimer, played by Lee Van Cleef, is actually a retired colonel,’bounty hunter’that is chasing Indio for an additional pair reason. And although the colonel is older compared to the marksman, he or she is nevertheless still an unhealthy rival with a good reaction. Lee Van Cleef also brilliantly performed this role. His hero developed into not really a killing machine, but a person with his very own experiences. Bravo Lee!

    3. Indio done by Gian Maria Volonte may be the charismatic leader of any local gang. A guy without conscience, tormented from the ghost on the past. A really dangerous opponent with excellent command of the revolver. And again, Jan was able to think of yourself as a notorious villain so brilliantly that his hands themselves applaud standing nearly the skill with the actor!

    Are you aware that technical part: I got a new blu-ray disc within the fourteenth year, where the image was digitized, there were grain, but you can not escape from it, since you comprehend your the negatives! It absolutely was the same goes with’The Godfather ‘, the sound was tightened, not very many frames showed an issue, which again trusted the negatives (I suppose).

    Because of this, we have a masterpiece continuation of Sergio Leone’s’dollar trilogy’about the union of two’bounty hunters ‘, brilliantly performed by Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, with gorgeous music and funky shootouts.

    10 away from 10

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